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CallManager IP Address/PIX/NAT Quick Help!


I have a problem with a specific scenario. I have a CCM with IP Phones behind a firewall (PIX) and everything is working as expected. Now I have a couple of IP Phones in front of the PIX (outside interface) and I open all the necessary ports (I think). Now the IP Phone can reach the TFTP Server (i.e. CCM) and load the firmware and everything. The PIX is doing a static NAT translation 1-to-1 to the CallManager.

The Problem I'm having is that when the TFTP Server (CCM) send the configuration file to the IP Phone it send the private IP Address of the CCM and the IP Phone needs to have the translated address as CCM IP Address in order to register through the PIX.

Is there a way I can modified the configuration file in CCM before send it to the specific IP Phones. I think that using DNS will help in this kind of scenarios but I don't want to depend on DNS.. Can you guys tell me what I can do. What are the possible solutions to this particular issue??



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Re: CallManager IP Address/PIX/NAT Quick Help!

OK. I already figure out that the .cnf.xml files are kept in memory by default in CCM 3.3(3) unless disabling caching of these particular files.

Is there any other issue I can run to when trying to make the IPT solution work accross a Firewall Device with NAT/PAT??

Thanks in advanced,


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