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CallManager Spirian CDs

Does anyone know if Cisco has been updating the Spirian CDs. This is the first CD when doing a new CM installation that has the hardware check and initial OS installation before the CM CD? They don't list a version number.

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Re: CallManager Spirian CDs

We usually get a version that's about 0.1 versions behind the bleeding edge when we order new call manager licenses.

For instance our recent CM license order arrived with 3.1 media on Spirian...while of course 3.2.x was the "bleeding edge".

In a pinch - one time we were able to enlist our Account Manager's help to special order the newest copy on CD for a reinstall even when we wern't ordering new licenses (though our SASU was current which of course would be a requirement :-) and personally if you have a valid SASU contract I would think there should be a simple way to buy updated media without going that route - (much like MS Open and Select Licensing media-only options for customers with valid contracts) - but I haven't found it - though I'd love to know if in fact there is an easy way to do this without the two weeks worth of work by my account team it took last time :-)

- Ken

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