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CallManager SQL Database for Dir # config

I am looking for the SQL database that holds the setting for the Directry number configuration. What I am trying to figure out is which phone has which DID number assigned. We have around 250 did numbers and I do not know which users have which DID numbers. In callmanager under translation patterns a wild card was used i.e 569xxxx

If someone has a better suggestion to find out which users have which DID's I am open.

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Re: CallManager SQL Database for Dir # config

What does the translation pattern translate the incoming number to? For example, if the Called Party Transform Mask is XXXX, then the last 4 digits of the number will indicate the DN that will receive the call. Assuming you know your range of DIDs, you can figure out the DNs that they translate to.

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Re: CallManager SQL Database for Dir # config

I found two ways to do waht what I was looking for..

1.) The BAT tool. If you go in to BAT then choose configure then phones there is an option to export in the upper right hand side. When you choose export you are taken to a screen where you can select the detail of information you want and the types of phones. I chose this method to determin what exts were associated with waht outside DID.

2.) From SQL use the Num Plan table. This table holds all the settings for the device and line.

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