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CallManager STI Restore

I am testing CallManager before putting ut into production.

I made a backup to a folder in a different machine and everything went fine.

I changed a couple of things ( deleted two users and adding directory numbers to a phone ) and then run a restore.

The restore finished smoothly but nothing changed in my CallManager, it was supposed that the settings would be as they were when the backup was done but everything was as if the restore have never been run

Am I doing something wrong ?

Cisco Employee

Re: CallManager STI Restore

As far as I know (and maybe someone knows differently?) the MCS Restore application does not wipe the database and then rebuild it using the data in the backup. It simply writes all the records into the database.

So I think what you describe is exactly correct and that's how I think it would always work. In order for the deletions you made to come back again, you would have to blow away the machine, reinstall CallManager using the software discs, then perform a Restore.

The backup utility is meant for a disaster recovery scenario, not to simply back out of changes that were made erroneously.

Community Member

Re: CallManager STI Restore

I tried this recovery action on a CallManager 3.1.1 with Extended Services 2.2 installed:

I did a backup of CallManager and CRA.

Then installed a fresh new copy of CallManager 3.0.8, then upgraded to CM 3.1.1 and finally installed ES 2,2 ( Autoattendant & Extension Mobility ).

After that I did the restore and to my surprise I recovered the users and applications configuration but none of the phones ( I had no phones ta all after the restore ).

Please don´t tell me that´s the way it´s supposed to be.

Community Member

Re: CallManager STI Restore

I would have to agree that the restore procedure leaves alot to be desired.If you only have callmanager 3.0 software on cd then you have an extremely long day or night ahead .You have to install this cd then dowload 3.0 8 install that then upgrade to 3.1 and sometimes you get major issues.Does 3.08 use sti file I dont remember ? Everyone who ownes callmanager 3.0 should be shipped the 3.1 image software for there particular hardware mcs,ibm,compaq. If a complete rebuild is in order you dont have to go through the lengthy procedure which has and does cause problems.Ask th TAC they know about it.I have had massive problems trying to obtain the image software under our $25,000 agrreeement we got 3.0 shipped an upgrade from 2.4, apparently we now need to spend another 2500 to get 3.1 which we can download for free from software centre.Though it isnt the imaging sowtware required that does the sql bit etc.

Perhaps we are better off building this machine with w2k server and installing seq then loading 3.1

this would seem a much quicker soloution wouldn't it.

For an application that is a core component of many buisness the rebuild procedure is lacking alot.

Cisco Employee

Re: CallManager STI Restore

If you have a Smartnet or SASU contract on your CallManager, you can go to and order yourself a new set of CallManager CD's with the latest shipping version. As far as I know this is free if you have a smartnet contract.

As for the restore utility - as far as I know the restore actually deletes the database and restores the previous database. Nothing should be missing and anything that was added after the backup should go away after a restore.

Community Member

Re: CallManager STI Restore

Same thing happened to us. None of the phones restored. Can this happen if there is some problem with the Publisher and subscriber communication?

Community Member

Re: CallManager STI Restore

Our installation has only one CallManager, so there is no Publisher/Subscriber issue.

I think that, may be, the restore only works if you installes CM 3.1 from a complete CD Set, not an upgrade.

Unfortunately, I have no means to proof that.

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