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CallManager STIBack "Failed to backup TFTPPath folder"

In the CallManager STIBackup Program with call manager 3.3(3)SR3 I have been gettting the error "Failed to backup TFTPPath folder" whenever I run a backup job. Another error that seems to correspond to this are phones that when rebooted get the error "error verifying config info" Phones otherwise work fine with no issues. Any thoughts?


Re: CallManager STIBack "Failed to backup TFTPPath folder"

Can you verify the Cisco TFTP Server service is running on your publisher? Also, can you verify that c:\program files\cisco\tftppath exists on your publisher, and contains some files?

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Re: CallManager STIBack "Failed to backup TFTPPath folder"

Yes, I have been able to verify that the TFTP service is running on the publisher and also the TFTP path directory exists and is still at the default and has files in it. Also phones that haven't been reset since a phone firmware upgrade after being reset take the latest upgrade from the call manager publisher tftp without issue. This seems mostly asthetic in nature but is still very anoying to have this message on the phone when rebooting as well as a failure of the backup job due to just something with the tftp directory. Any other ideas?

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