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CallManager to Asterisk calls fail

I have integrated CallManager 4.1(2)sr1 and Asterisk 1.2.5. I can make calls from a SIP phone on Asterisk to a SCCP phone on CallManager, but when I attempt to call the other direction the call hangs forever before giving me a fast busy on the SCCP side.

The SIP DEBUG on Asterisk indicates that the CallManager never attempts to contact it at all.

The CCM debug file on CallManager appears to indicate that the MTP resource (which is the CM itself) cannot be found?:

03/30/2006 19:52:01.439 CCM|ConnectionManager - wait_AuDisconnectRequest(16777241,16777240): NO ENTRY FOUND IN TABLE|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::callmanager><CT::1,100,118,1.383><IP::><DEV::MTP_callmanager>

Can anyone clue me in on what I am missing here?


-Ed Coen, CCIE 8042


Re: CallManager to Asterisk calls fail

Have you verified,

a. CSS on the SCCP phones and also whether partitions for route-patterns that route calls over the sip trunk has been specified in the SCCP phone's CSS ?

b. add an MTP and specify the sip trunk to use MTP ?

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Re: CallManager to Asterisk calls fail

I feel like an idiot... All this time I had a typo in the destination IP address in my SIP trunk definition on CM. Arrrgggh!

Thanks for the suggestions. They at lease made me take a second look at everything.



Re: CallManager to Asterisk calls fail

Hi Ed,

Actually that MTP is reachable for the SIP trunk can you test configuring the SW MTP for being not part of any MRG, so it belongs to the default MRGL, and in fact IP Phone connects to MTP using G711.

Could you please post the complete detailed CCM trace.


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