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CallManager Upgrade from 3.1.3(a) to 3.1.4(b)

We are upgrading our CallManagers from 3.1.3(a) to 3.1.4(b) (I know, we're way behind). Our eventual goal is to get to version 3.3(2) by the end of the month.

I have been reading the upgrade documentation extensively, and have more than a few questions, mostly in regards to what I should do where:

1. In the 3.1.4(b) upgrade procedure, it says to upgrade the OS. The most current version is 2000.2.4; however, 2000.2.4 is the version that ships with the 3.3(2) CD's. Should I upgrade the OS during the 3.1.4(b) upgrade, and get it over with, or should I stick with the version I have and wait until I perform the 3.3(2) upgrade?

2. Whenever I decide to upgrade OS, I'll have to pull our CCM's out of the domain (they're member servers), no matter which version I'm upgrading to, correct?

3. We've had DCDirectory agreement problems from day one, and the DCDScripts file seems to be a fix for that. Should I hold off running that until after I've done all of the upgrading, or should I perform it before/after the 3.1.4(b) upgrade?

This procedure is turning out to be somewhat messy, because no one bothered to keep up with applying the most current patches. Any help would be extremely appreciated.



Re: CallManager Upgrade from 3.1.3(a) to 3.1.4(b)

1) CM 3.3 requires you to completely re-image the server with 2000-2-4. I dont think you want to do this twice, so wait on doing that. You can however download the 2000-2-4 exe from CCO that will give you all the updated MS fixes.

2) Correct

3) Only run the scripts if you are having a problem

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Re: CallManager Upgrade from 3.1.3(a) to 3.1.4(b)

Thanks for your response. Alright, I will hold off on upgrading the OS until the 3.3(2) upgrade (I was unaware that I would have to do the entire thing again on the 3.3 upgrade; thanks for the info). For the 3.1.4(b) I'll just throw on the SQL 7 SP4 and upgrade the CallManager software. We're not having huge problems with DCDirectory, so I'll hold off on running the scripts.

Thanks again,



Re: CallManager Upgrade from 3.1.3(a) to 3.1.4(b)

You can run the 2000-2-4 upgrade that is downloadable from CCO, this will update your OS with the new security fixes. I recommend doing this.

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