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CallManager Versus CCME (Business Prospective)

here's the scenario

Customer - Hotel (One only)

Requirement - IPT for 130 users total (Guests= 100, Admin 30)

Features required- Basic call processing , Automatic call routing via area codes and voice mail. Thats it. would like to expand to a full Hospitality solution eventually (Time span 2 years)

Constraint - Low budget

Now, i was thinking call manager - since, i know the customer specified simplistic call processing, however, its a hotel, and may require a lot more mandatory functionality than CCME can allow.

However, CCME will fit HIS requirements and budget easily and CCM can always be put in place afterwards.

From a techincal and Business (Foot in) standpoint what might you recommend.

Note. Other voice competitors are also pitching soultions


Re: CallManager Versus CCME (Business Prospective)

cisco tends to recommend CME for upto 250 phones.

i tend to recommend CCM for most sites that discuss expansion to above what CME can provide.

CME can probably provide you with all the functionality you'll need for 130 phones and if you do need to upgrade beyond what CME can handle, i don't find it too difficult to put in a CCM to replace the CME. (you could then use the CME equipment as SRST equipment so it's not like the cost is wasted.)


Re: CallManager Versus CCME (Business Prospective)

Therefore, there are no other considerations for a "HOTEL" scenario?.

Billing, adhoc changes to system, associating new guests with phones to ensure proper billing etc?...

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