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Callmanger-Fallback - strange issue

I've got an office with 18 phones.

This morning, six of the phones are displaying the message that they're useing Call Manager Fallback.. Sure enough, I log onto the router setup with fallback and it shows six leased addresses.

It's only 6 of the 18 phones though, the rest are working just fine!

How can I get these 6 phones to regeister with the call manager? I've tried everything I can think of, included chaning the keepalive, but I can't get them back on the call managers..


Re: Callmanger-Fallback - strange issue


On the phones that are not registering check to see where they are getting the dhcp address from. I have a feeling that the router and another DHCP server are handing out addresses. The router is probably handing out option 150 as it's own address. This would cause phones that end up with a DHCP address from the router to never even try to register with callmanager only the router. Let me know


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Re: Callmanger-Fallback - strange issue

have you tried resetting the phones? :)

I've seen it where some phones wouldn't fail back for a day or so.

Also, check the dhcp and option 150 as it was already mentioned.

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