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Calls 'dropped' while waiting in queue/being answered

Greetings all

We are troubleshooting the following problem:

We have an IPCC Express system servicing three

different call centers - the ICD server and CM

are at one location/call center and there are two

additional call centers in the other cities. Agents handle calls from all three locations.

Callers into the system report that they are in queue and hearing hold messages then they 'mysteriously drop'. Agents report that ICD calls arrive at their phones and when they try to answer, the call gets dropped.

My question is that is it a possibility that when a call gets sent to a distant location (distant being another call center connected to the ICD/CM via WAN)

that some type of configuraiton in the network or possibly the CM cause the call to be dropped? Originally, there was some concern that we were attempting to send uncompressed calls over the WAN when they should have been compressed (i.e. 711/723 mismatch) but supposedly that was resolved.

If this is still a problem, would a call be disconnected as the transfer is initiated by Call Manager to a distant location. Could the transfer be partially completed and an agent 'see' the ICD call arrive at their location - when the transfer is reconciled by the agent taking the call, the call could be dropped? Are there any other things to look at or take into consideration. Finally, what would the Call Manager trace files be that would most likely provide a clue?


Mike Kana


Re: Calls 'dropped' while waiting in queue/being answered

It could be due to the problem at the telco side also. Hope the configuration is fine. Cross check the configuration with this:

Configuring Cisco IP ICD

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