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Calls going to Default Call Handler

I am on Unity 2.4.6 and have programmed what I thought to be proper Call Routing to have all calls handled by custom Call Handlers. When I run a Call Handler report, it shows that 100+ calls a day are being handled by the Default Call Handler. When I watch Call Viewer, I notice periodically that calls come up with either a -1 Trunk or a 0 Trunk. Why are calls "escaping" my call route entries and heading for the default?

Cisco Employee

Re: Calls going to Default Call Handler

The question to ask here is why aren't you getting the call routing information you think you should be... the routing rules will do exactly what they're supposed to do against the information for the calling number, forwarding number, trunk, port, etc... that you see in the call viewer (it's pulling it's info from the same exact structure). If you're seeing bogus trunk info and your routing rules are relying on it then we're out of luck.

You need to look further up stream to see why the trunk information isn't coming through from the switch on these calls.

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