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Calls take long time to connect/ring

Another UPDATE: Jul 19th


Ok, I figured it out.

Either #-terminate the inbound call's DN number or

put more explicit route-patterns in place.

Anyone out there having problems with calls taking a long time to connect take a close look at your dialing rules. Make sure it closely matches the pattern you want to get routed for best speed.

When it doubt, it simply times-out. (New CCM Pattern Matching Matra.)


UPDATE: Jul 19th


I added another phone to the system and found a similar delay in terms of time for call setup until I get ringback from the originating phone and ringtone on the destination phone. hitting redial causes INSTANT ringtone/ringback. Makes me feel like I'm missing something somewhere else if the phones do it to only when "dialing" the destination number.


Original Message:


Have a CCM 3.1 system with (don't laugh) VIP 12SP+ phones and a AT-4 gateway with callerID turned on. The calls coming in ring the gateway at least 3 times on average before the IP phone starts to ring. Then everything occurs as one might expect. That initial ring time is killer.

I've scoured Cisco's site and looked through all the docs I can get my hands on and can't find anything discussing this.

Any ideas what's mis-configured?

(Analog ports are all default)



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