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Can a FXS register to callmanager 4.1.3

I am setting up a 2851 router at a remote site and I have a lan-to-lan tunnell set up back to the main campus where I am running CM4.1.3. I have 7912's working perfectly at the remote site homed back to the CM. I also have a 4 port DID/FXS board in the router and want to hook up analog devices (like a fax) to it and be able to throw calls from the main campus to it (and vice versa) I am not getting the config correct and could really use some help.

The fax DN I want to use is 5931.

Currently at my main location I only have DHCP access to a different ISP to test my VPN tunnel, but at the final destination I will have static addresses.

I am attaching the config.

There is probably a bunch of really bad commands in there after 2 days of troubleshooting.

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Re: Can a FXS register to callmanager 4.1.3

You will need to configure the gateway in CCM as described in the following link. The dial peers you currently have will not be necessary as this will be handled by CCM.

Configure MGCP Gateway and FXO/FXS Ports on a Cisco CallManager Server

Also, see this link regarding MGCP gatway configuration in IOS:

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