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Can be possible to forward calls of a dial number in determinate hours?

I need that in no office hours a dial number will be forward to another phone number ot of my AVVID net and the rest hours of the day I don't want to have this phone forward.

I use CCM 4.1.

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Re: Can be possible to forward calls of a dial number in determi

Hi Carlos,

Have you looked into Time of Day Routing? This sounds like what you need for this scenario;

Time-of-Day Routing


Time-of-Day routing routes calls to different locations based on the time of day when a call is made. For example, during business hours, calls can route to an office, and after hours, calls can go directly to a voice-messaging system or to a home number.

Understanding Time-of-Day Routing

Time-of-Day routing comprises individual time periods that the administrator defines and groups into time schedules. The administrator associates time schedules with a partition. In the Partition Configuration window, the administrator chooses either the time zone of the originating device or any specific time zone for a time schedule. The system checks the chosen time zone against the time schedule when the call gets placed to directory numbers in this partition. The Time Period and Time Schedule menu items exist in the Route Plan menu under the Class of Control submenu. The Partition and Calling Search Space menu items also have moved to the Class of Control submenu.

Time Periods

A time period comprises a start time and end time. The available start times and end times comprise 15-minute intervals on a 24-hour clock from 00:00 to 24:00. Additionally, a time period requires definition of a repetition interval. Repetition intervals comprise the days of the week (for example, Monday through Friday) or a day of the calendar year (for example, June 9).


You can define time period weekdayofficehours as 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

You can define time period newyearsday as 00:00 to 24:00 on January 1.

You can define time period noofficehours that has no office hours on Wednesdays. For this time period, the associated partition is not active on Wednesdays.

From this doc for CCM 4.1.3;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Can be possible to forward calls of a dial number in determi

I am going to do that and I will tell you if I will have success.

Thanks, Carlos.

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