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Can CM be modified thru a command line interface?

This is an extreme simplification of CM but isn't the overall backend of Call Manager a sql database with a web interface. Everything you do in the web interface is running some set of commands. In the effort to think of creative ways to schedule different changes to devices in call manager, I wonder if anyone out there has explored the idea of command line batch files with the Microsoft scheduler to make changes to devices. For example, have a batch file that changes a phones line's call forward all value and then resets the phone every day at a certain time. In the past I've routed call thru Unity or CRA to accomplish ToD call routing. I think a batch file type of scripting would open a whole new set of ToD possiblities not just with call routing but CAC, MoH, etc. I'm not sure Cisco TAC would support this and I bet my warranty would be voided but is it possible.


Re: Can CM be modified thru a command line interface?

There is an AXL SOAP interface to CallManager that uses XML (I think) to allow you to programatically make changes to CallManager's configuration. Right now I think only developers can get hold of the documentation on how to use it, but it should be generally release in the future.

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