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can I change system call handler settings

Problem:<br>I have two companies on one Unity server.<br><br>You call a company's main line and it rings Unity, going to a company's main greeting call handler, depending on what what number was dialed. Callers have the option to dial an extension. The problem is when a caller dials a nonexistent extension. When that happens a system prompt says that it doesn't recognize the number and then it forwards the call to the Default Call Handler. I want it to forward the call back the company's main greeting.<br><br>It there a way around this using Unity??<br><br>


Re: can I change system call handler settings

The guy that's sticking you here is the Error greeting. This is a hidden (by default) greeting on every call handler and subscriber in the system and it's what decides what to do with a call when an invalid input is entered while that handler is in control. By default it plays that greeting and sends the caller back to the Opening greeting call handler, as you've noticed.

You have a couple options. You can use BulkEdit (which allows you to manipulate the error greeting behavior directly). The easiest thing to do here is to pick ALL call handlers and subscribers (regardless of which company they're associated with) and on the error greeting tab for the "After greeting action" select "take action" and pick "loop back to self". This means when they enter a bad value it plays the error prompt and then restarts the greeting for that call handler again. This is why I added that option in the BulkEdit utility...

You can also expose the error greeting in the SA itself for 3.x... you can do this using the Advanced Settings Tool.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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