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Can I push and execute a list of phone numbers to an IP Phone?


I want to build a .net application which will push a list of phone numbers to an IP phone and execute this list serially.

That means that after the end of a call in the list the next call will be generated.

Can this be done ?




Re: Can I push and execute a list of phone numbers to an IP Phon

You mean you want an outbound dialler.. just like it's being used in a call center?

That is most definitely a case for CTI.. you need to know when one call ends and when to make another one and the only way to do this (well, you could do phone polling, but that's nasty and unreliable) is CTI. And you also need to consider how cell centers work... agents need to be able to hit a pause button for their coffee / cigarette /bathroom breaks, they need wrapup time, etc.

Or you could do predictive outbound dialling, where you use a bunch of CTI ports to make outgoing calls, then route them to an agent if a call is connected.. but considering the amount of time you're going to invest versus what's already on the market in terms of call center solutions, I'd only do it as an academic project or if none of the existing solutions really do what you need done (with predictive outbound dialling goes a metric to decide how much you overbook your agents (make more calls than you have agents since not every call will be answered), and a VAD (a connect doesn't mean there's a human being on the other end.. there could be a fax or modem and you don't want those calls connected to your agents).

Or am I completely on the wrong track here with the whole Callcenter approach and you're looking for something else entirely?

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Re: Can I push and execute a list of phone numbers to an IP Phon


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