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Can I use the trunk of peered c2911 router as a PBX on remote location with another pbx?

I have one cisco routers as a pbx and one non cisco pbx router at different locations. Both PBX routers are peered to call at each others extensions. Cisco PBX router has  isdn bri and fxo trunk line connection it. Cisco PBX router has  extensions 5001, 5002, on. Non Cisco PBX router has extensions 1001, 1002, on. I am able to make calls on each others extensions directly.

How can I use the FXO and ISDN trunk lines of cisco router from the another location of non cisco pbx router?

I do most welcome any type of suggestion.

Thank You






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Please move to the right area

Please move to the right area, this is Video Over IP



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Thanks for letting me know. I

Thanks for letting me know. I have moved it in different Hierarchy. Can you please help anything regarding above?


Thank you


try to explain again

try to explain again

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Thanks for having interest

Thanks for having interest.

Simply, there are two IP PBX routers. One router is Cisco2911 and another PBX is Non Cisco (Grandstreem). Both PBX are trunked (peered). Therefore, I can make calls on each others local extensions. What I need is to use the local trunk lines of one pbx from the extension of another PBX. Is it possible to do that? 

If any confusion let me know. i will try my best to explain. 

Thank You



as I understandanalog phone1

as I understand

analog phone1  ----- FXS port 2911 -------- sip dial-peer to ------ grand  --- FXS port --- analog phone2


pstn --- FXO port 2911

pstn --- FXO port 2911          (fxo trunk line )

pstn --- FXO port 2911



so what is a question ?


on voice port connected to pstn you can make connection plar 1001

and so incoming call will go to analog phone2

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It is almost similar. IP

It is almost similar. 

IP Phones (5001, 5002)  --------FXO and BRI port 2911 -----sip dial-peer to --------grand-----FXO port Grand----IP Phones (1001,1002)

My question is that Can I make call from grand pbx phone (1001) to outside telephone number  using the FXO or BRI port of Cisco2911? For example, I make call using line 1001 to any outside telephone number but I want to establish connection using the trunk port in 2911 router not fxo grand.

In Your flowchart mentioned above in your post, Can I make call from analog phone 2 to outside world telephone number using the port fxo 2911?



yes. it is possible.on grand

yes. it is possible.

on grand when you  dial 9T call does to fxo grand

and you can make additional dial-peer 8T or 0T in direction to 2911

with translation rule witch sustitudes 8 to 9

and call arrived to 2911 as 9T and goes to fxo 2911


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Thank You mate. This is

Thank You mate. This is definitely  useful. I will implement it on. 


Thank You 



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