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Can NAT help me? Can YOU help me?

Scenario: Two sites both using NAT and private addressing inside, both sites are separated by the Internet Global addressing cloud. I have an application where two devices (one each site) are "told" to communicate with one another, but the application keeps track of each device by its actual (inside) address. The problem is site A's device is told to send data to a device at site B whos address is 10.x (private). This doesn't make it out the routers and through the internet. I would like to set up NAT on my 2610 routers statically, so that a packet originating inside site A whos destination address is a certain address (private for remote site) NAT will replace the destination with a public address, the packet will arrive at Site B's router, where I put another NAT entry to replace the public destination IP to the private 10. inside address that corresponds to it. Does this sound feasible?

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Re: Can NAT help me? Can YOU help me?

I scanned your post and I see no mention of voice or telephony in any way. If this is simply related to NAT and security you might consider posting your question to a different forum, such as the General Discussion at

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