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can not delete VM

We've been experiencing a problem where and extension will be removed from the Subscriber sheet on Unity, but when we try and add it back, it says the extension is already has a mailbox. We've deleted the mailbox and recreated and the problem continues. We've gone as far as removing the Phone and the User from Call Manager, and Deleting the Subscriber from Unity, then starting over. Still the same result.

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Re: can not delete VM

First, removing the information from Call Manager wont have any affect on Unity at all so no need to go down that road.

Second, you didn't indicate which version of Unity you're running so I'm going to assume some flavor of 3.1(x) here.

I suspect this is an orphaned row in the DTMFAccessID table (where all extensions for all objects both locally and globally are stored). Can you grab the latest version of dbWalker from here:

And run it against your system. It should check for rows in that table that don't have proper "parents" - it wont clean them out for you automatically but it'll tell us if that's the problem and we can go from there.

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