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can not hang up

when we use call manager to implement a ip phone network, we find that when the outside phone has hung up when then inside phone is not pick up,the phone is still ringing and not hang up , I don' t know why and how to solve the problem.

And I want to know if someone knows how to transfer the phone number of the calls from the PSTN to my ip phones.


Re: can not hang up

I didnt understand the second question but the first one looks like an FXO disconnect problem.

More information here

Community Member

Re: can not hang up

But question is even when the phone call is from another ip phone , the problem continue to appear.

So , I believe that it is not because of the FXO disconnect problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: can not hang up

Marina is right, if you are using FXO ports. If the caller on the PSTN end hangs up but the FXO port doesn't then the gateway still beleives the call is up and doesn't send a disconnect. Please review the link Marina provided.

As far as your second question, are you asking about an autoattendant type of feature or do you want to assign a DID to a particular IP Phone Directory Number?

For option one please review this URL:

Community Member

Re: can not hang up

It has noting to do with the FXO ports, as far as the situation concerned.

I believe there is a bug of the mgcp .

Because the call is from another ip phone , and the light of the FXO is not lit on.

And I showed the status of the voice port , it was not in use

Re: can not hang up

The problem is with MGCP. NEVER EVER use MGCP and FXO ports together.

Use h.323 and plar opx commands. It is more complicated but the problem that you have is THE biggest drawback with using MGCP.

Actually what is worse is that people calling into the router get answered and CHARGED before they get answered by a user. Even if an extension never answers the call they get charged, not good at all.


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