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Can't figure this out. . .

My Example Admin. mailbox has roughly 350 undelivered voicemails, ranging over about a 6 month period. Now I know that voicemails wind up in Example Admin. when they can't be delivered due to a down network, server or full mailbox.<br><br>However, *all* the undelivered messages (and they're from a variety of sources) are hangups or silent. *none* of them are actual messages. Is there some kind of function in Unity that auto bounces blank messages? Also, how can I determine who these messages were bound for? <br><br>


Re: Can't figure this out. . .

no, Unity doesn't bounce short messages (there is a threshold you can adjust that will cause us to throw away entirely messages shorter than X seconds, but I wouldn't twiddle with it... some folks talk fast).

These are more than likely the result of calls going to the example interview handler after hours and folks bailing out. By default after hours if the user doesn't input anything at the opening greeting, they get sent to the example interview handler since the operator is presumably not there to handle the call. The Example Admin account is listed as the default recipient for that interviewer... it's easy to get blank messages out of an interviewer since it's a series of questions that get their answers appended and seperated by beeps. If the user hangs up in the first one, it'll usually generate just enough of a message to stick and it gets sent.

As such these messages likely aren't for anyone, really...

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