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Can't get model name from 7970


To get infromation on which IP Phone platform a service will be used, I'm using simple ASP VBS script as follows:



Response.Write "Your IP Phone model is: " & vbCrLf

Response.Write Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_X_CISCOIPPHONEMODELNAME") & vbCrLf

Response.Write "Its display is [width, height, color depth, grayscale/color]:" & Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_X_CISCOIPPHONEDISPLAY") & vbCrLf

response.write ("SessionID: " & Session.SessionID)

For Each keyStr in Request.ServerVariables

Response.Write Request.ServerVariables(keyStr) &vbCrLf




It was a bit extended to get all the variables from a phone, but the thing is that it works for 7960 and 7912 but not 7970, on that one I'm getting a lot of emty lines.

Maybe, there's another way to get the same information?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Can't get model name from 7970

As alternatives, you could try the getPhone request from the AXL API (soap/web service). Check out some of the sample applications in the SDK, and note that a new version of the SDK has been released for CallManager 4.1.

You could also look at devicelistX, where the device type field may give you what you're looking for (though it gives you an enum value that corresponds to the typeProduct table in CallManagers CCM03xx table, where xx are numbers - choose the highest-numbered configuration database).

Note that you will likely want to cache the results of those calls to avoid repeated requests though those APIs depending on how often you expect your service to be used, as both those requests are throttled by CallManager.

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Re: Can't get model name from 7970

Well, I didn't try it yet, but I wouldn't like to use AXL either. The point is to get model name and its properties using features documented in XML SDK. Btw, later it turned out, that the same problem is presented on 7920.

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