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Can you monitor existing calls?

Hi, say if you add a call observer and a terminal observer at a time when there is already a call in existance between two terminals, is there any way to maniplulate that call- i.e. put it on hold? I have been getting the terminal's terminal connections which is returning null but as far as I know, a terminal connection (ie between existing call) should be returned. I want to detect whether there is an existing call, if there is, then put it on hold and accpet a new incoming call.


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Re: Can you monitor existing calls?

You have to add the call observer and terminal observer before the call is made.

Add a call and terminal observer to the terminal object when your application starts.

Hope this helps.

Re: Can you monitor existing calls?

It's been a while but I think there's at least a way to enumerate calls.. I'm not sure if on a device level or on a global level but one way or another if you really want you should find the call you're looking for.

Then again, why do you want to put an existing call on hold that you have not been tracking? If you're not tracking, then how do you know there's a call that you can put on hold?

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