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Cannot assign new COS


Our customer is running Unity 3.1(3).

I want to change the COS of a user from User COS to Admin COS, but when I click on the save-button (after having done the modification), I get the following error message:

"The new COS, Admin COS, has insufficient licenses. Reverting to previously saved class of service."

When I check the "licensed features" that are assigned to this COS, I only see Active Assistant and VMI.

Is it possible that I get this error due to the fact that all 210 licenses are used? I can understand that I cannot add a new user to the system, but normally it should be possible to change the COS of an existing user.

Thanks for your help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot assign new COS

Trying this out on my test box here, I believe the logic checks for available licenses _before_ allowing the move so if you're completely out of licenses it'll bark at you... it doesn't accurately take into account that a license will be freed up with the move. That's a bug - I'll check to see if one is entered on this already and if not open a new one.

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