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New Member

Cannot Get IP Address via DHCP

My 7940 phones will not get an IP address and I cannot change the network configuration settings on the phones from the factory defaults.

I have a 6509 w/ msfc with data and auxilary vlans configured plus a 3640 as a H.323 gateway. We have a Windows 2000 dhcp server on our network. I configured a voice scope (10.20.x.x) with option 150 on the Windows dhcp server - no luck.

Then I setup a dhcp server on the publisher, also a Windows 2000 server, (10.63.x.x) same scope and option 150 with ip-helper address added to the msfc - still no luck.

As a last resort I setup a dchp pool on the gateway router which on the same segment as the voice vlan - no luck.

The voice vlan is active and the phone is detected. The vlan interfaces are up/up.

Any suggestions on what the dhcp issues are, and how can I change the settings on the 7940 phones manually?

New Member

Re: Cannot Get IP Address via DHCP

could you post the configs ?

unless the phone is defective, you are missing something. to change the phone network settings manually, press **# which will unlock the network config.

Can a pc get dhcp address on the same port?

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