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New Member

cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

initial install of Unity 3.1.5 for dc=presgar, dc=com.

Unity running fine, TSP running fine, Exchange and AD running fine.

Under SA, whenever we select Add Subscribers, and try to Select from the list, we get "No Matchs Found", even when finding specific aliases which are in AD.

Looking at DOHproptest, we see DIRECTORY_ROOT=(empty). The users do not have the Unity attributes already set, I looked at Remove Subscriber Properties, and all the users were listed, but none had the attribute (no bunny icons either).

Suggestions welcome.

Cisco Employee

Re: cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

If you try to add a new user (not import an existing one) does this work? Do you get back an empty list (skinny) of servers to add the user to? If so, it's likely a case of Unity pointing to an invalid DC/GC in the registry settings.

Also, presumably the users you are trying to import are in another OU than where the ExampleAdmin and Example subscriber were created, correct? It's entirely possible that the account assigned for the directory services does not have rights to that (those) OUs but still has create rights in the OU you selected during the configuration setup in 3.1(5).

It's still be worth running DAD (Directory Access Diagnostics) against one of the users you wish to import to see if it can even see the container and users in it... you can fetch the latest version of DAD here:

New Member

Re: cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

Thanks for the quick turn around..

Can't add a new user since we installed with Import Users only. When we try to Add Subs, the Add box has an incorrect Exchange server and Mailstore greyed out (the very first Exchange server in the first child domain listed under the root domain).

Under the Find and Select Exchange User to Import box, under Find Person, I pull down to the correct Domain (, and do a find by alias with letter 'l' (IT director's logon begins with 'l'), and get No Matches Found.

I downloaded DAD, and selected this user, and all User Access Tests passed except ciscoEcsbuAlternateDTMFIdsOrder which is ------.

Then I tried Create Test User DADTest_1_Delete, and got

Attempting to add new user: DADTest_1_Delete

Binding to new user object container

Creating user object

Setting cn

Setting sAMAccountName

Setting userAccountControl

Saving user object

Failed to create new user

When we installed Unity earlier today, we ran the PermissionsWizard and it passed everything. The only oddity is the customer chose to use the same account for Installation and Services.

Inspector Cluseau, what's next?

Cisco Employee

Re: cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

You definitely don't have create rights which would make sense if you selected "import only" during the install - it deliberately witholds the create rights for the directory facing account which is what it's supposed to do.

Not sure what the ciscoEcsbuAlternateDTMFIDsOrder error is there on the import test - I'll have to run that by Ken and see what he has to say. That wouldn't have anything to do with the SA not showing you the users in the domain for import, however.

For grins, can you check to see which GC Unity is pointing at? You'll find this in the registry under:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobalCatalog\1.00\Directory

The key name is "DefaultGlobalCatalogServer".

You can also check the DCs we're pointing at for each domain (in particular the domain) and make sure those are correct - you'll see them down the same branch at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchAD\1.00\Domains

There will be a branch for each domain we're monitoring here and under that you'll see a "defaultDomaincontroler" key with a FQDN to the controller.

New Member

Re: cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

yes, the GC is set wrong, to, which our fingers went nowhere near on the keyboard.

Will changing it to the correct GC fix this? How do we fix the user creation problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: cannot import Existing Exchange users to Unity 3.1.5

it should fix the import problem... to fix the create problem you'll also need to rerun the permissions wizard against the directory account and give it add and import rights...

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