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Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

I Tried to setup a (tempory) ICM test-system but I got "stuck" somewhere, and now I'm looking for some help/advise...


Clean system (MCS-7825 1.6Ghz)

MS Windows 2000 + SP4 and all available MS Hotfixes

MS SQL 2000 + SP3



Adobe AcrobatReader 6

Infomaker 8.0

ICM 5.0 3rd Party Tools

ICM 5.0 Setup (Logger, Router, PG, AW)

Logger, Router and PG are already installed (including DB's by using ICMDBA), and AW is added without HDS and Webview enabled in the first place

After reboot added HDS support (including DB using ICMDBA) and wanted to add Webview using the following steps/data:

ICM Setup -> Edit AW Component

Real-time Distributor

Standard AW Type

Webview Reporting (including hostname)

When selecting "Next" an "Information" message pops-up saying:

"Web Reporting cannot be enabled because setup cannot get Sybase Shared root directory from registry." and I cannot continue to add Webview.

Does anybody knows what could the source of this problem and how can I resolve this?



Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

Couple things....

1. Obviously make sure you have local admin rights to the machine.

2. Make sure you have a Sybase directory

If you do have a Sybase directory add the directory below to your system path. (If it is already there, we are going in the right direction. If not, this may fix the problem.

%Sybase%\Shared\MerantODBC where %Sybase% represents the Sybase root directory (typically :\Program Files\Sybase)

Lastly, go the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\PBVM\8.0 the key to look for is "Location" (may be 7.0, if you have both look at 8.0). This value should point to :\Program Files\Sybase\shared


Community Member

Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

Hi Andrew,

1. Yes, I do have (local) Admin rights

2. Both, the system Path contains the mentioned MerantODBC and the registry-key does exist on this system.

I tried to startover again (completely fresh) and reversed the order of the '3Rd Party Tools" and "Informaker 8.0" installation, in case some files and/or data will be "overrided", but the problem stays.


Community Member

Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting


What you need to do is to install the Webview 3rd party tools located on one of the ICM CDs. This will install Jaguar and Sybase tools needed for webview.


Alfonso Hidalgo

Community Member

Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

Hi Alfonso,

Yes, as you can reread in the initial message I did install this "3Rd Party Tools" software (I followed the installation instruction from Cisco).

This is not the first ICM system I install, but this is the first time I got this kind of message/problem.


Community Member

Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

I saw this problem before, I remember I uninstalled 3rd party and InfoMaker, then cleaned their registry keys and folder, cleaned up any environment variables related to Sybase, then reinstalled 3rd-party, re-ran ICM setup to add web reporting option, made sure that worked before installing InfoMaker.


Community Member

Re: Cannot install/setup ICM AW Webview Reporting

Check the following registry setting on the HDS...

hkey_local_machine\software\Sybase\EA Studio\4.1

If this registry key is "4.0", not "4.1", then that is the problem. You may correct the problem by

either renaming the key to "4.1", or by creating a new key called "4.1", and copying all the subkeys

under to "4.0" to the new "4.1" key.

Also please verify that the following folders exist on the drive which Jaguar was installed:

X:\Program Files\Sybase\shared

There should also be the following directory...

X:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder

The explicit path to this PowerBuilder directory should also be in the PATH environment variable on

the ICM Distributor, so you should check this setting as well. To check this setting, right-click on

My Computer, choose Properties, and then select the Advanced tab. Select the Environment Variables

option, and view the Path variable under the System Variables section.


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