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Cisco Employee

Cannot load the record applet

logging into a fresh install of Unity 4.0 with IE 6SP1. For some reason, the recording applet isn't downloading and installing. Instead I have a big red X there. I have lowered the security on the browser to the lowest rating. Does anyone have any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot load the record applet

you may need to toast the CAB and have it download again now that you have the security lowered (or more to the point have allowed ActiveX controls). To do this you can delete the "AVMediaMasterCtrlCLass" file under the WinNT\Downloaded Program Files\ directrory and then reload the page - this should force it to download again and you'll see the "do you trust us" certificate thingy again and hopefully that'll fix you up.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot load the record applet

That was it. Looks like IE6 installs with higher security.

Community Member

Re: Cannot load the record applet


I tried this solution. It did not work. I still do not see the record button when working thru the SA on the server itself. If I use the SA from any other machine, I get the record button. I have Unity 3.1.5 and IE 5.5.

Thanks in advance,


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