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Cannot make a call over VPN

I am trying to setup a 7960 to work over vpn-I am aware of the possible jitter etc, but I am not concerned with that right now. I have setup a DES encryption level router to pix 525 connection. The tunnel has the no nat for the pipe setup and I have even called the tac and they verify the config should just be fine. The phone is able to get a local ip, connect to the CM, get config, see directories and subscribed services. I can ping from the local network to the phone on the remote network fine. Incoming calls work fine, I can answer and the quality right now is actually quite good. It falls apart when I try to make an outgoing call. I can pickup the phone, I hear the dialing, and then after all the digits are entered there is nothing. The speakerphone light stays lit, and then after 30 to 60 seconds the phone does this little mini reboot (just a screen flash) and it is back to normal. I never hear the call go through. The party on the other end, inside out of the network or through the PSTN, hears one ring and then nothing. The same phone when plugged inside the local network works just fine. Latency ping times going either way are generally 50ms or under (usually 30ms).

Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot make a call over VPN

i had this exact problem you had, word for word. we banged our head on it for 2.5 days before we entered this command on each PIX:

"no fixup protocol skinny 2000"

rebooted our remote phones and all was well.

try this and let me know how it works out.


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Re: Cannot make a call over VPN

Worked like a charm- thank you!

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