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New Member

Cannot remove distribution group in unity 3.1

I accidentally created a public distribution in unity 3.1. Every time I delete the group, it still appears in the listing as a distribution. There are no members.. It acts like it successfully removes it, but it still shows... Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot remove distribution group in unity 3.1

The Unity SA interface doesn't remove the DL from the directory once it's been created - if you want to remove the DL entirely you'll have to do it from AD (assuming you're running E2K) or the Exchange 5.5 interface.

New Member

Re: Cannot remove distribution group in unity 3.1

yes, this is AD and exchange 2k. I went there looking for the distribution group called ELAINE which is what the name is that I created, however I didn't see it in there anywhere either.. All of the other distributions are there. So there was nothing to delete from there.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot remove distribution group in unity 3.1

If the DL isn't around in the directory maybe the trigger to remove the DL from our SQL list didn't get fired for some reason or another - we've seen this where the directory facing account doesn't have access to the AD deleted items folder which is where we get such triggers when objects are deleted. The newest Permissions Wizard grants this in particular.

if you're sure the DL isn't acutally in the directory (i.e. what happens when you add a user to that DL in the SA? Does it fail? If not, can you send a message to that DL directly and have that test user get a message?) then you can just delete the row for that DL out of the SQL table in UnityDb if neccessary. I'd make sure it'd gone, however, since if it's not the directory monitor will "find" it again and pull in the information into SQL again and you'll be annoyed.

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