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Cant Change information in CCM "insufficent priveledges"

Hi ,

I have an issue in CCM 4.1 3 latest SP MCS 7825H

See below on the CCMadmin page we cant change anything the browser window says the following when trying to update information.

We are not using MLA at all. We login to the CCM console CCMadmin page using the local admin username and password

Either the current session has expired or access has been denied because of insufficent priveledges please close the current window and open up a new one.


Re: Cant Change information in CCM "insufficent priveledges"

Seems like we are hitting this bug:


After long idle time, session will expire (default session timeout is 20 minutes).

Since the user access privilege is saved in one of session variables, it will be gone.

There will be a Remote Scripting Error if a remote scripting function is called.

And following error message will be displayed by remote scripting engine.

"Either the current session has expired, or access has been denied because of insufficient privileges. Please close the current window and open a new one."

After user acknowleges this error, an error code will be returned to function caller.

However, some CCM application web pages do not handle such error correctly.

Instead, a blank popup message appears.



In this case we can check the session timeout:

Go to start > Programs > Administrative Tools >Internet Services Manager

>Default Web Site > and check Session timeout is set to the default 20 minutes for

both CCMAdmin and CCMService web applications. You need to do a right click on each, and

choose properties, then click on "Configuration..." and go to "App Options" Tab.

If the session Timeout is 20, then check if the hostname on the Admin link has an

underscore " _ " sign. If so, please remove it and then try to make a change.

If the problems persist, use the IP address instead of the hostname and try again.

Afaik this can happen due to a underscore sign on the

server's name. This can cause problems, not with call manager, but with the Microsoft

scripts and java applets when we access the Admin page because the the underscore sign is

not a valid character for these Windows scripts.



New Member

Re: Cant Change information in CCM "insufficent priveledges"

Thanks for posting was driving me crazy..our callmanager had an underscore in the name and we couldn;t do anything!

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