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cant get cme page


i cant get any page on The ip address is the address of my router f0/0

iam attaching my router config along with the running service-module config.

Cisco Employee

Re: cant get cme page

Check the flash on the router "sh flash" it looks like you are missing the CCME GUI & phone load files. You can download these from CCO.

Go to => DownloadSoftware=> Select Voice => login => CCME & SRST Downloads => Download

Unzip these files via FTP onto your routers flash. They will have all the management GUI files and phone load files you need to complete your configuration.

Also, from your config, I noticed that you need to set up the TFTP path for each of your phone load files & set the phone load that each phone is to use under "telephony-service"

Community Member

Re: cant get cme page

i was also wondering becoz this router is bought as cme bundle and i cou;dnt see any cme files on the flash. But at the same time cme is working becoz it allows me to config telephony service, ephones and dn's.

how could i see all this files? how is my cme working?

Cisco Employee

Re: cant get cme page

CCME is part of the router's IOS. It will work without the GUI "html" management files. The html files allow for a graphical interface into the IOS for users that are unfamiliar with the CLI, comand line interface" on IOS.

It allows users unfamiliar with the CLI to make general moves adds & changes. Therefore it is a good idea to have it loaded onto flash.

Never the less, you will still need to doenload the individual firmware files for each of the ip phones you will be configuring. You will need to reference their TFTP path and assign which phone will use each phone load.

I have a previous post with documentation on where and how to configure this:

Community Member

Re: cant get cme page

isnt it suppose to come with the bundle? the cue gui is accessible even i couldnt see any files related to it on th flash

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