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New Member

cant hear the other party ringing

cucm 7 issue

when calling outside from any ip phone

-you cannot hear from the ip phone that the called party was ringing. you will just come to know that you are connected when the called party speaks up.

problem is, this is happening intermittently..

thanks in advance


Re: cant hear the other party ringing

VOIP to PSTN and ip phone cannot hear ringback,

Complete one of these solutions:


Ringback tones must come from the PSTN for trunk circuits in this situation. There are two dial-peer subcommands which can help. On the Cisco IOS router/gateway under the outgoing voice dial-peer # pots, configure these commands: .

progress_ind alert enable 8

progress_ind progress enable 8

progress_ind connect enable 8

The progress_ind alert enable 8 command presents the Q.931 alert message to the software on the router/gateway as if the alert message had a PI of 8 and cut through the audio path. Refer to Configuring Progress Indicator in H.323 POTS Dial Peers for more information.

Note: The progress_ind alert and progress_ind setup commands are hidden in some versions of Cisco IOS Software and can potentially not be visible within the help parser. However, if the progress_ind progress command is available in the help parser, these commands are also available and can be entered into the dial peer in their entirety. These commands subsequently appear in the running configuration.


If the previous command does not solve the problem, in Cisco IOS Software Releases from 12.2(1) to 12.2(2)T and later, configure the progress_ind setup enable 3 command under the voice dial-peer # pot configuration.

This command causes the gateway to send a PI with a value of 3 in the ISDN Setup message. This indicates to the PSTN/PBX that the originating device is a non-ISDN device and in-band information needs to be presented. It is recommended that this command be used in conjunction with the progress_ind alert enable 8 command.


If the PSTN device is not able to generate ringback in-band (for example an ISDN phone directly connected to a BRI port on the gateway), the gateway can be configured to generate ringback on the IP call leg by configuring the tone ringback alert-no-pi command on the dial-peer voice # pots.

When the ISDN alert is received with no PI present, the gateway generates the ringback in and includes a PI=0x8 in the H.225 alert message.

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

in my case the problem is intermitent...does this solution also applies


Re: cant hear the other party ringing

Yes, it should help

and it does not cause any major issue

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

Should the commands on item 1 be invoked on the below dial peers?

What about if it doesnt work? item no 2 suggest to invoke another command. will it be on the same dial peers? do i have to remove the commands i invoked on item no.1 befor inviking comand on item no.2?

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern .T


port 0/0/0:15


dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination-pattern .T


port 0/0/1:15


Re: cant hear the other party ringing

Those look correct, yes. Assuming you're using an E1 PRI.


New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

Try this, I bet it will resolve your issue.

1. Configure an IOS MTP (Media Termination Point) on your voice gateway

sccp ccm group 1

bind interface Loopback0

associate ccm 1 priority 1

associate profile 1 register GW_MTP

dspfarm profile 1 mtp

description Media Termination Point

codec g711ulaw

maximum sessions hardware 8

associate application SCCP

2. On your gateway, check the box that says "Media Termination Point Required"

3. Make sure your Gateway has access to the MTP via it's MRGL

That should clear it up.

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

I forgot to mention, you also need to configure the MTP within CUCM as well. If configured correctly you'll see it register.


Re: cant hear the other party ringing

MTP could not be the issue here

MTP service can provide supplementary services such as hold, transfer, and conferencing when the service is using gateways and clients that do not support the H.323v2 feature of EmptyCapabilitiesSet.

When MTP is running in software on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the resource supports 48 MTP sessions. When MTP is running on a separate Cisco Unified Communications Manager appliance (server), the resource supports up to 128 MTP sessions.

so hardware is required only when more resources are required and here the issue is we do not hear the ring back

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

You may be correct, but I had a very similar issue that was only resolved after configuring an IOS MTP on the gateway and checking MTP required on the gateway within CUCM. We also had to configure in/outbound Faststart.

On your gateway within CUCM, you might check "Inbound Faststart Enabled" and "Outbound Faststart Enabled" which could also fix the ring back issue.

If you check "Outbound Faststart Enabled" you need an MTP, FYI.

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing


have tried your suggestion..looks okay..its under observation...

New Member

Re: cant hear the other party ringing

If it fixed your issue please rate my post. Thanks!