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Capabilities of Conference Bridge

I was hoping you can help solve a question we have about our Cisco VoIP phones. I need to know what the capabilities are of the conference bridge in the Call Manager box. We would like to be able to hit one button here and bring up a conference call with about 12 to 15 VoIP phones. The documentation on Cisco's web site doesn't talk of a limitation, however, to date we've

only been able to establish a 3 way conference call. I would appreciate any & all solutions/explanations for this problem. We would like to set up approximately a 12 to 15 way preset conference call on our Call Manager VoIP box. Thanks again for your time.


Re: Capabilities of Conference Bridge

Cisco has released a product called Conference Connection that is the simplest and easiest way to configure big conference calls. You also have to pay for it.

You have two ways to set up conference calls, AdHoc and MeetMe. AdHoc is the normal conference call and MeetMe is the reverse of that. I think what you want is a MeetMe conference and there are some links below to help you out. In summary, you can change the number of people on a AdHoc conference call by changing the MaxAdHocConference number in the Service | Service Parameters | CallManager section. You can also change that number for MaxMeetMeConferenceUnicast for the MeetMe conference call.

Total numbers depend on version and extra hardware resources and I only found outdated info, but have a read and let us know if you have further questions.


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