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CAR/ART error...

I have installed CAR on a 3.3 CM cluster and it is not collecting data. This error appears in the Error Log-

Database Access Error. Perform the following checks 1. Database server is running. 2. Check that a DSN of the name specifed in the url field of C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini exists. If the DSN does not exist, create a DSN with the name in c:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini which points to the server where the art database exists. Test the CAR DSN to verify that there are no connection problems. 3. Check that a database of the name specified in the database field of C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini exists on the server to which the DSN points. If these are not the same, change the database field in C:\ciscowebs\art\art.ini to the database name.

The Tac dosen't seem to be able to figure this out. I know it appeared once on this list before. Unfourtunatly, that thread never reached resolution. Can anyone give me a hand here? Any help would be appreciated.



Re: CAR/ART error...

Try upgrading ART to 1.1.1 if you have not done so. Install service pack A that goes with it. This should fix your issue.

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