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CAR (CDR Analysis Reporting) Time Zone

I have an odd issue that I cannot seem to figure out. When I run department bills, they are not including all the data for a specific day.

I noticed that when I run a "CDR Search" within CAR, it allows me to specify the time along with the date for the date / time range. For some reason, it is defaulting to GMT timezones and I believe that is why data is being excluded from my department bill reports.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Cisco Employee

Re: CAR (CDR Analysis Reporting) Time Zone

Greetings Randy,

CDR and CAR both work in GMT by default because IPT allows you to have phones over the WAN possibly in multiple timezones. If you run a CDR search and do find all of the calls, but then run a CAR report and do not see all of the calls, this may be due to CAR failing to classify the record and moving it to the tbl_billing_error table instead of to the tbl_billing_data table. If you can isolate a single call that does appear in CDR but does not appear in ART/CAR, then please open a TAC case and we can track the call down and find out where the record is going. /Wes

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Re: CAR (CDR Analysis Reporting) Time Zone

Thanks for the information. What you have said makes sense, but here is my question with a little more detail.

A department head wants me to provide him with a department bill each morning.

Here's my problem:

Let's assume that the date is June 20th. I run a report at 9AM for the 19ths data. The report does not have any records after about 10AM. However, if I wait and run the report for the 19ths data on the 21, it will have all the data.

Is this just something I will have to live with? I can pull the CDR records and create my own reports, but I would rather just use the built in reports. Do I just have to tell him that the data is going to be two days behind?


Re: CAR (CDR Analysis Reporting) Time Zone

I believe that "out of the box", the CAR tool will only import CDR/CMR records from CallManager about once a day. This may be what you're seeing - it's probably doing so at about 10AM every day.

System->Scheduler->CDR Load

Set the Loading Interval to something much smaller. On lightly-loaded installations, I almost always set this to the minimum (15 minutes). This way, the CDR tool will have CDRs near-realtime. Be sure to restart the CDR scheduler service on your publisher CallManager after any change to those parameters.

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