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Catalyst 4000 Gateway Fax Inhibit

I have Call Manager 3.3(2)spC and the Catalyst 4000 gatway blade running MGCP. If the switch/line card is relaoded the statement 'mgcp fax t38 inhibit' comes back and I have to manually set it to 'no' so my faxing works through the FXS ports on the balde (otherwise the pages only show half, etc). Is there anyway to kep Call Manager from putting this statement back without disabling ccm-manager config?


Re: Catalyst 4000 Gateway Fax Inhibit

This doesnt make much sense because CCM doesnt support T38. The reason the 'mgcp fax t38 inhibit' command is there is because in the past, having T38 turned on caused the MGCP gateway to not register to CCM.

Is it as cut and dry as you say? T38 turned on: faxes work; T38 turned off: they fail?

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Re: Catalyst 4000 Gateway Fax Inhibit

Yes, it is that cut and dry. With mgcp fax t38 inhibit the gateway show fax-relay disabled that is how i am able to enable the fax relay capability.


Re: Catalyst 4000 Gateway Fax Inhibit

Did some research, it looks like even though CM does not support T38, you can force the gateway to use it anyway. Try adding this command:

mgcp fax t38 gateway force

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