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Catch call park in JTAPI

I've written my own call log in JTAPI with certain advantages over Cisco's own. Last Friday I discovered a little snag: If I park a call, then pick it up again, I have an outgoing call to the park number in my list of calls, and the person on the other end has one additional incoming call in the list.

I quickly started jTrace to check if there's any way I could prevent that. Currently I'm using ConnConnectedEvs to catch the "the call has been answered" event. I noted that if I used the corresponding CallControl event, I'd actually get the CallControlCause (which can be Park.. so those could be excluded). But then the problems started:

I have 3 of those events: 2 on the phone that gets the parked call (one with CallControlCause normal (=the call to the pickup number), and one with CallControlCause park (the destination is the other end of the parked call)). At the other end I have one event with CallControlCause park.

On top of that, the source of the event is switched.. with ConnConnected I see my own extension (so the event that phone A gets, has the line on A as source), whereas with CallControl, the situation is reversed.

An obvious solution would be to look for pickup numbers for outgoing calls, but that's only half of it (and for the phone on the other end there's no indication of that pickup number) so I'm wondering if anybody has an idea how this scenario could be handled without adding a lot of additional "keeping track of call status" code.

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