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CCC feature and installation question

We're looking at giving CCC a shot. Has anyone installed this on an existing CRA server? We have a CRA server that is NOT doing anything but CRA for AA. it does not do ICD or IPCC or anything of the sort so it's pretty board... just answers the main phone number. Just don't want to clutter the rack with yet another server.

Also, we'd be replacing a conferencing service in which all of our users are 'reservationless'. I can't find any good documentation on the CCC that clearly states if users can just start up a conference from remote locations without having scheduled it first (of course resource availability has to be there).



Re: CCC feature and installation question

I think you would be facing an uphill battle trying to get CRA and CCC to work together. CCC is still running on the old CRA engine so if you are running 3.x then I think it would be impossible. Regardless, I don't think they will play nice as there is an embedded h.323 gateway on the CCC server which I don't know how you get on a CRA server.

As far as your scheduling question goes, someone has to setup the conference on the web. If you want, you can setup a general conference with a general number everyday, but then you don't know if someone is going to be on it or not.

I would install it and play with it to see if it will do what you want, you should be able to get a demo copy from your friendly neighborhood partner.


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Re: CCC feature and installation question

Thanks for the reply, Rick. I wasn't aware of the CRA engine version difference. I think you are correct - they most likely will not get along. Just trying to save the cost and hassle of another server that is underworked for one application.

The lack of 'reservationless' may make this a non-option for us. That was a huge plus of moving from our first provider to the one we are with now and the users loved not having to schedule conferences. I downloaded the demo but don't have a spare server to run it on yet.

Thanks again!


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Re: CCC feature and installation question

It's one more server in the rack (albeit a 1U server), but Sonexis has a good product for conferencing functionality. Sonexis also supports reservationless conferences. Also, I haven't used it personally but Meetingplace has a conferencing appliance as well and they do some XML integration stuff with the IP Phone a la CCC.


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