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CCC Jtapi Out Of Service


I have been trying to bring up my CISCO Conference Connection, and am hitting a brickwall with the JTAPI service.

I have upgraded the client with the latest version from CCM. I have also assigned all the CTI Route Point and CTI Ports to the JTAPI User but the status of JTAPI in CCC is still out-of-service.

Are there any other things that I have missed? Are there any thing I should check for in CCM besides the user and the CTI Ports?

Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Re: CCC Jtapi Out Of Service

Make sure that CTI Manager is running. You may also need to restart it. Verify the passwords that you are using as well. You might also want to check the CCM Matrix to make sure that you are running the right version of CCC for your version of CCM.


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Re: CCC Jtapi Out Of Service

Thanks for the pointer.

I've checked that CTIManager is running in the CCM. What about the CRA Engine? Do I need that to be running in the CCM for JTAPI to work?

Re: CCC Jtapi Out Of Service

The CRA engine will need to be running on the CCC server for this to work. If you have a CRA engine on the callmanager, that is for ipcc express or for extended services on the callmanager. That does not need to be running for this to work.

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Re: CCC Jtapi Out Of Service

Thanks Steven. I have restarted the CTIManager, but JTAPI is still out-of-service. Are there any other things I should look at?


Re: CCC Jtapi Out Of Service

Here is an excerpt from CCC troubleshooting guide, and a link to it:

Subsystems Fail to Start

If the CRA Engine subsystems fail to start even if the engine is shown as running, reboot the Cisco Conference Connection server. This will resolve the problem in most cases. See the "Monitoring CRA Engine Subsystem Status" section for information on how to monitor CRA Engine status.

If restarting the server does not resolve the problem:

JTAPI subsystem—See the "Fixing JTAPI Subsystem Out-of-Service Status" section.

Database subsystem—Check these things:

MSDE installation—Ensure that Start>Programs>MDSE exists. This indicates that MSDE was installed. If MDSE does not appear on the Programs menu, reinstall the software.

ODBC source creation—Ensure that Start>Programs>Administrative Tools>Data Sources (ODBC)>System DSN>DCMS exists. This indicates that the ODBC source was created.

If the DCMS data source does not appear, log into the Cisco Conference Connection web interface and schedule a conference. Then, recheck the Start menu path. If DCMS still does not appear, reinstall the software.

Mary Beth

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