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CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

Hello Experts,

I am going to be assigned to a project which involves upgrading the current version (3.1) to 4.1 or 4.2 for a CallManager. The data base is corruped. We can't either read or wirte into the DB. My question is, is there any way to rebuild the corrupted DB? After rebuilding the DB, I need to back it up and restore it into a brand new 4.1 CallManager server. Could you please help?



Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

you cannot rebuild the ccm 3.1 DB and then back it up and then restore it on a ccm 4.1.

you must get the 3.1 database operating properly then perform an 'upgrade' to 4.1.

during this upgrade, the database is upgraded as well. you cannot restore a 3.1 database to a 4.1 installation.

in order to 'rebuild' a ccm DB, you must perform a BARS restore.

(this is only if you have performed a BARS backup successfully before the 'corruption')

how many servers in your CCM cluster? which server are you attempting to access ccmAdmin from?

can you post the exact URL that you use to access the ccmAdmin and does the URL point to the publisher?

when you say 'corrupted' what exactly do you mean. you stated you can't read or write to the DB; but are there any error messages or trace logs you can post?

if you want to view any possible trace logs for this issue, you'll have to view the trace logs located at: (on the publisher server)


NOTE: these trace files are usually full of alot of lines you may not recognize. if you require assistance, you can post them here (which may take up quite a bit of page space) or better yet, open a TAC case at or 800.553.2447 and have TAC assist you with deciphering the DBL traces.

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Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

Hi Bahman,

Just to add to Greg's excellent post;

You cannot upgrade directly from Cisco CallManager Release 3.2 or earlier to Cisco CallManager Release 4.1. If your server runs a version of Cisco CallManager Release 3.2 or earlier, you must first upgrade every server in the cluster to the latest version of Cisco CallManager Release 3.3 or 4.0 before you can upgrade to a version of Cisco CallManager Release 4.1. For information on upgrading to Cisco CallManager Release 3.3, refer to the latest version of Upgrading Cisco CallManager Release 3.3. (I think 3.3.5sr3). This is a major undertaking that will require some major planning and probably a Lab set up. The change from 3.1 to 3.3 involves a complete SQL upgrade from SQL7 to SQL2000 along with the server which went from 5.5 to Windows 2000

I believe. We spent a great deal of time in the lab on this build.

From this doc;

Upgrading Cisco CallManager Release 3.3(5)

Hope this helps!


Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

opps, you mean from NT to 2000..... Exchange 5.5....

To many versions to remember these days!

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Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

Hey Tommer,

You are correct! Good stuff. All I really remember about this upgrade was the amount of pain involved (ugh!!).

Anyways, its great to hear from you again.Hopefully things are going well!

Take care.


Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

oh yeah, I was MIA for awhile, had to leave the laptop, cell phone and work behind for 2 weeks while I went on my honeymoon! First day back, I got to work all day, then upgrade ccm and unity until midnight.. nice..

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Re: CCM 3.1 Corrupted Data Base

What no Blackberry or laptop on your Honeymoon?? Well, I guess congratulations are in order!! All the best :)

Take care


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