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CCM 3.3(3) and Active Directory

Hey group,

I have AD integrated into CCM so my global directory pulls user info right from an AD container. I am by no means an AD expert so this may be an easy one. I have user accounts split between a couple of containers in my AD tree, ie: (DC)

Users1 (CN)

John Doe (User)

Jane Doe (User)

Users2 (CN)

Bob User (User)

If I configure my AD to check cn=Users1,dc=company,dc=com I only see the John/Jane Doe users, is it possible to configure CCM to be able to read users from both of the containers?

Thanks in advance



Re: CCM 3.3(3) and Active Directory

CallManager can only read from one root OU, but it will recurse within that OU. What we have our customers do is create one new root OU, and locate all of their existing OUs under that. For instance:


. ou=CompanyUsers

. ou=UserGroup1

. Jane User

. John User

. ou=UserGroup2

. Fred User

. Bob User

I think I've seen people integrate directly into, making that the root so that you can see everyone that way, but you might run into unpredictable problems. Also, it's been a long time since I've heard of it, so it may not work at this time. The best solution, IMHO, is a container OU for the rest of your OUs. Perhaps this isn't the answer you're looking for, but I hope it helps.

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Re: CCM 3.3(3) and Active Directory

It helps, thanks :)

Per chance, do you know how to change the root search option? I think it's a regkey, not sure where it is. Thanks again.



Re: CCM 3.3(3) and Active Directory

There are some registry keys that look like would change it, but there are also other things that need to be changed.

You should just re-run the directory plugin to make the changes (you can uncheck install schema, it will go alot faster).

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