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CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

With CCM 3.3(3) with 1 publisher, and 2 subscriber servers the RTMT Callmanager Cluster info properties, the info for the 2nd subscriber does not report back in RTMT tool on the cluster info window. It saids "Error" next to most values but the first 2 in list report back ok.

The info from the servers displays fine.

Also, if you launch RTMT from the problem subscriber and click the info button the RTMT server version is empty.

So like it can't access data on this server, but this happens when you RTMT locally on the subscriber or remotely with IE over web. You can view all performance counters fine in RTMT on this server, it's just the cluster info window and RTMT version info, and processor summary window.

Regular windows performance monitor appears fine, can pull up counters fine.

CCM 3.3(3)sr4a

OS 2000.4-2sr7

RTMT client version 3.3(0.21)

RTMT server version is

This has been an issue for awhile, even before OS updates from 2000.2-7 to 2000.4-2. Not sure if RTMT ever worked fine on this.


Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

I think you need to check the Bug-Tool on cisco (CCO required). Im pretty sure you will find something related to your issue.


Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

I've searched bug toolkit many times already on various keywords and nothing on this.


Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

you can goto the subscriber that is not seeming to report back all properties then perform the following:

open PERFMON and setup counters to view your statistics for the properties in question there.

if perfmon can see the counters but RTMT cannot,then i'd consider looking at RTMT as the problem.

if perfmon cannot see the counters then i'd look into the perfmon counters on that system. (this is what RTMT uses)

Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

Like I said earlier, perfmon works fine. I am also able to see all performance objects in RTMT fine. The only thing that doesn't show info is on the call manager cluster info window for the one server.


Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

(enterprise parameter) ensure that the RIS Data Collection Enabled Parameter is at the Default setting to collect systemwide statistik. restart your RIS Data COllector service and see if it works, otherwise contact TAC.


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Re: CCM 3.3(3) and RTMT issues

That is a service parameter, and is in CCM 4.x and 3.3(3) does not have such a option under service parameters, or enterprise parameters. I checked all the services, looked at all the options available by peeking in SQL database and am not seeing a option similar to data collection, etc.

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