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CCM 3.3(3) ignores Calling Search Spaces

Hi All,

I am baffled by my Callmanager behavior. It is ignoring the Calling Search Spaces when routing calls, and is dialing the closest match.

For example, a remote site has Partition A with DN 101, and the main site has Partition B with a route pattern 1XX which is connected to an old PBX (there is a 101 DN on the PBX).

The main site does NOT have rights to dial the remote site over the WAN, and the remote site isn't supposed to be able to dial the main site. All site to site calls are supposed to go over the PSTN.

The problem is, an IP phone at the main site dials 101 expecting to be transfered to the PBX, but gets the remote site IP phone. In otherwords, CallManager is choosing the exact match of 101 instead of the 1XX pattern, even though that IP phone doesn't have the Partition A in it's CSS.

I've gone over the Calling Search Spaces (phone and line) and Partitions with a fine tooth comb, but I can't figure out what's happening. I also checked the translation patterns, reset the calling search spaces, and made sure there were no route patterns in the <none> partition.

The gateway is MGCP, and the CallManager version is 3.3(3)sr76.

I don't have Dialed Number analyzer on the publisher. Any ideas?

Thanks, Randy

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Re: CCM 3.3(3) ignores Calling Search Spaces

Which partition are the phones in? If your phones' partition are listen in the CSS than that would explain the behaviour.

If the Partition A is not listed in the main site phone CSS, than I would suggest resetiing all the devices belonging to the partition.

I have not see any issues with CSS/Partitions on 3.3(3).


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