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CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

With CCM 3.3(2)SPC we had several users using IP

Phones (7960/40) at there home offices connected via

Cisco VPN devices quite successfully using SCCP.

However, now that we have upgraded to CCM3.3(3)SR1

the functionality of these VPN based IP Phones has

diminished. The same configurations are present on

our PIXs and VPN concentrator.


VPN IP Phone can call an external number with two

way audio.

VPN IP Phone can host a meetme conference using a

public DN and both external and internal callers can


VPN IP Phone can receive a call and forward it based

on forwarding rules (like CFAll, CFNA to voicemail,



VPN IP Phone will ring when an internal or external

call is received (Caller ID is fine), but the VPN

recipient is unable to retrieve - answer the call.

Attempts to pick up the handset, press headset or

the speaker button do not answer the call; though

the headset and speaker button do light up. If a

answer attempt is made - any call forwarding rules

like no answer to voicemail do not work.

Are the 3.3(3)SR1 Phone loads solid? Are there now

additional concerns for VPN based SCCP phones in this



Cisco Employee

Re: CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

You may want to make sure that softphone is up to the right rev:

Cisco IP SoftPhone - Upgrading the TAPI/TSP on the Client

Perform the following procedure to upgrade the Cisco SoftPhone TAPI/TSP to the version stated above


Step 1 From each Cisco Soft phone Client, browse into server running Cisco CallManager Administration and log in with administrative privileges.

TIP: To browse into the server, enter http:///CCMAdmin/main.asp, where equals the name of the server, in the Address bar in the web browser.

Step 2 From the Application menu, choose Install Plug-ins.

Step 3 Click the Cisco Telephony Service Provider icon associated with the plug-in.

Step 4 Follow the prompts in the window to complete the upgrade.

Step 5 Verify that a basic call works as expected for Cisco SoftPhone.

New Member

Re: CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

Guess I am a bit confused as I did not know that

having an actual 7960/40 for home offive users

via VPN connection required a TAPI/TSP client


Are you sure that this is a necessary item?

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Re: CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

No, TAPI is not needed. I think crieman thought you were using softphone.

New Member

Re: CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

Ran into a very similiar issue....upgrade your PIX to 6.3.3 .....

Solved my issue (had 2 separate sites where this cleared the issue)...

New Member

Re: CCM 3.3(3)SR1 + VPN Based IP Phones

I found that 6.3(3) is a solution to the VPN IP

phone user issue when the VPN is terminating at

our PIX.

I am testing 4.0.1.C on the VPN 3005 concentrator

and hope to have success with that software load,

but I have to wait until the morning for actual

user testing for those terminating their VPN

on that device.

Who would have thought that a CCM upgrade would

have such dependancies?!? (grin)

--- Thanks ---

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