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ccm 3.3 hunt group question


I have a customer who'd like to implement a simple dn-based hunt group. They want to balance the calls between all three members so I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with the call if all three members are busy since TCD will route to VM if it happens to be the longest idle.

What happens if I check the "always route" box on the last user extension in the list? Will the call follow the cfb action if the line is busy or will the caller get reorder?

Does it work differently if I use a circular hunt group? The reason I ask is that in the Attendant Console 1.2(1) Admin doc ( under the Circular Hunt group section it says

"Because the Always Route check box is not checked for any of the hunt group members, Cisco TCD does not determine whether the directory number is busy before routing the call."

Then a few sentences later it says:

"Cisco TCD determines that directory number 1025 is busy and routes the call to the next hunt group member, directory number 1026."

So I'm a bit confused and I won't have a chance to test any of this in a lab before I see the customer.


Re: ccm 3.3 hunt group question

It's permissible to chain TCD hunt groups, so you can create an assembly like this:

Pilot Point 1 (First Available)

-> Pilot Point 2

-> Voicemail

Pilot Point 2 (Longest Idle)

-> Member 1

-> Member 2

-> Member 3

This should create the effect I think you're looking for, which is longest idle routing to all three members going to voicemail only if all three are busy. As an FYI, if you're planning an upgrade to CallManager 4.0 for this customer, it allows some other approaches with more flexibility.

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Re: ccm 3.3 hunt group question


Good suggestion. I played with this a little and notice that I get reorder unless I click "always forward" on the pilot point 2 entry in the first hunt group. Will calls still go to the second member of the first huntgroup (voicemail) if all members of huntgroup 2 are busy?

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