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CCM 3.3 stability

We have a client who we have built and managed a CCM environement for for a few years. They have only had it at a small remote site. They now are seriously considering deploying this at headquaters and want to pilot this with the latest versions. The remote site is running 3.1(3a). I wanted to see what the experience with 3.3 has been since we are running 3.2(2c) at all our other clients and have not deployed 3.3 yet. Should I use 3.3 for the pilot? Is it stable enough ?

thank you for any shared experiences

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Re: CCM 3.3 stability

Quite a few features added with 3.3 . From my experience though the release is very stable . Comparable to -->releases 3-1-3a 3-1-4b 3-2-2c which are sound.

Unlike previous major releases Cisco ran version 3.3 for some time before its availability to the public.Which I think was a very smart move.

At the end of the day you have to some up what your client requirements and expectations are, and if your happy to stay with a release thats proven in that enviroment .

All though the Client obviously wants to run the latest release for some feature reasons

So yes I would feel confident in deploying 3-3-2spb

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Re: CCM 3.3 stability

I echo Allen's comments. I have 3.3 deployed and it is very stable. At the same time, be aware of what you can and cannot do with 3.3. The 3.3 features are very robust, but if your client has CRS/ICD, you cannot run it (yet). If there are certain features they require or like (I really like call back and different rings/line) then go for it. If you upgrade, be sure to follow the documentation to the letter....and if you do, it works flawlessly.

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Re: CCM 3.3 stability

CRS/ICD 3.0.3a which supports CM 3.3 has been available since approx. March 21st and it is rock solid as is CM 3.3.

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Re: CCM 3.3 stability

The only thing I noticed about CM 3.3 is that you must reset it a little more often when making configuration changes. I am referring to changes that I would not make during the business day under any circumstances so it is normally not a major issue. Other than that solid and many more features.


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