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ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

Hi all,

I have some confusions about upgrading CCM 3.2 2c spG to CCM 3.3 2 referring to upgrading CCM 3.3 (2) pdf.

1. in page 8 step 6 it says Install SQL 2000 before CCM installation. And next to it, it says it is installed while you install CCM. Excuse me ??

2. In page 8 step 7 it says restore backup data before callmanager upgrade

I think he/she is kidding in this step, because we formatted the server there is no upgrade here. This is a brand new installation. And yet no SQL Server.

3. In page 8 step 8 "All services available in CCM 3.3 install on every server in the cluster but only services that you configured with the previous upgrade automatically activate after the Cisco Callmanager 3.3 2 upgrade "

Another joke :)) Which previous upgrade ? is it 1st of april or smthg. ?

4. Same step: "CCM places services in stopped state until the upgrade completes." Surprise !!! they are all disabled. And I spent 2 days&nights to find how to activate them. Not documented !!!

5. when you try to restore old data backed up using 3.5.6 in CCM 3.3 2 it says "this is 3.2 2c data and does not work in 3.3 2. I chose "restore anyway .. " And my server punished me by crashing itself.

6. Is this an upgrade from 3.3 (0) to 3.3 (2) It seems so ..But does not work in either way.

By the way, has anyone know why there exists a version named CCM 3.3 (0) and no document about it ?


yigit zorlu


Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

There is one more URL for upgrading CCM, checkout this.

Upgrading from Cisco CallManager Release 3.2 or 3.1

and also check out the following CCM compatibilty matrix

Cisco CallManager Compatibility Matrix

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Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

the document that you referred is the one that I am complaining. In my opinion it is misleding. I could not get the picture about data restoration.It says install SQL 2000 Server first then restore your data then install callmanager then it says SQL server 2000 is installed automatically after you execute callmanager setup.

By the way, did you or anyone upgrade 3.2 / 3.1 to 3.3 2 and could you restore your data successfully ? If so, can you share your method with us ?



Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...


I have done a succesful upgrade. Don't bother the SQL2000 part, it is done in the callmanager setup.

Just Install the new Backup uitility on your 3.2 cm. And backup to tape.

Use the hardware detection, this will erease your HD! And continue the install.

Say you are restoring the same server and continue.

At some part it will ask for your backup, point to the tape (or networkshare..)

I used the following doc, and am up and running now !



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Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

Problem I'm having is that the same server recovery doesn't run. It only works if I select "NO" at that point. And then, I don't get prompted for the backup file. So, I end up with a fresh CM3.3, and the restore at that point blows out the server and it basically useless.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

Is it possible that you forgot this step ?

Caution Cisco strongly recommends that you verify that the dbname.ini and backup.ini files exist on the publisher database server. Cisco IP Telephony Applications Backup Utility, Version 3.5.18 (or later), creates these files during the backup. If these files do not exist, you cannot restore the MCS.sti file.


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Re: ccm 3.3 upgrade questions...

I am running 3.3(2c) with STI Backup 3.5.44. I run the backup but do not see the 2 files that are created? Have you seen this problem? I do a search for the files with no luck! Please e-mail me if you seen this issue at


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