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CCM 4.1(3)sr3 and Receptionist Time of Day

I have read the docs on Time of Day and have played with it for just a short while, like 15 minutes.

What I want to do is have a Main Office Number that will be on various phones but will auomatically go to VM when the office is closed, i.e. Off Hours, Holidays, etc..

Since from what I get out of playing with it is that it will allow you to call a number from the time you specify but other than that a Fast Busy.

I was thinking of creating 4 different numbers, one on each phone, assign that to a Line Group, Create a Hunt List and Hunt Pilot. The Hunt Pilot would have the working hours. Should I create another Partition with a different time and have that directed to VM.

How have others set this up and which method is the best way.



Re: CCM 4.1(3)sr3 and Receptionist Time of Day

If you apply TOD to phones, the phone will never ring, but the phone will also never get MWI's to work correctly when they are not in TOD. A good way to do this is to have translation patterns in TOD (inbound calls hit the translation patterns first, not the end number). If you want the phone to ring, the translation pattern changes the calling search space and it goes to the phone. You will have another translation pattern (same number, different TOD partition), that has a CSS that can only call a dummy phone with number XXXX (how many X's the ext's are). This phone is CFA to VM or to an IVR system or whatever you would like.


1. CSS on the gateway will need to be changed to only go to the TOD translation patterns

2. You will need 2 translation patterns, one for TOD, one for non TOD

3. 3 partitions, one for straight to vm on the phone, one for each translation pattern

4. 1 dummy phone CFA to what ever you want (DN's of XXXX)

5. 2 CSS's one, one that points to the dummy for for after hours, one that allows the other translation pattern to send calls to the phones.



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